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Opiates are useful when used in the right way. It is very effective in pain management and in suppressing cough for patients with severe lung diseases. However, its dark side is extremely harmful particularly among patients who have developed an addiction to it. Although this type of addiction is very challenging to overcome, there are ways to reverse the addiction and finally be free from being addicted to opioids. If you are looking for references for the treatment and methods of overcoming opioid addiction in Baltimore, Maryland, it will be handy to know these facts about opioid dependence:

What Makes Opioids Addictive?

Opioid is derived from the opium poppy plant and is primarily used as a painkiller. They can be in a form of liquid for injection or as pills for ingestion. Although they are effective in treating pain, the individual may experience other effects shortly after taking opiates. One that is notable is the euphoric feeling that is produced as dopamine is released in the brain. The person then translates this as a pleasurable experience hence the need to repeat it by taking another dose.
This is usually the beginning of an opioid addiction. What adds to the problem is the fact that receiving prescription opioids is easy. The limited guidance on opiate prescription intensifies the unprecedented access to this drug thereby feeding the need of those who are addicted to it.

Short-Term Effects of Opioids

Opiates have varied effects in the body. As soon as it is absorbed, the person will feel pain relief, drowsiness, sedation, and a remarkable high. When the drug is abused, and the body cannot contain it anymore, the side effects start to creep in. The drowsy feeling is intensified, lethargic episodes happen more often, feelings of paranoia start, and in some cases, respiratory depression develops.
Opiates also delay the body’s reaction to stimuli which is evident by the lack of focus and a faraway expression.

Understanding Opioid Dependence

Opioid dependence is one of the negative side effects of opioid usage. The person falls victim to its addictive properties and becomes unknowingly hooked in as fast as three days. The first sign of addiction is when the patient no longer needs its therapeutic benefits but still chooses to take it for the sake of experiencing the same pleasurable feelings.

Long-Term Effects of Opioids

Taking opioids in an abusive manner increases the side effects which often lead to more hazardous health disorders. Some of the most dangerous long-term effects include constipation, abdominal distention, liver damage, and brain damage. The nonstandard methods of taking opioids also exaggerate life-threatening effects like heart problems, pulmonary embolisms, and massive blood infections.

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As opioid addiction tends to develop quickly and knowing that the effects are very detrimental, seeking help should be a priority. If you have a family member or know someone who is addicted to opioids, it is recommended to start the treatment immediately. Opioid addiction treatments are more effective when administered as soon as the dependence is identified. To help an opioid addict, do not hesitate to call our Baltimore opioid addiction hotline at (410) 692-8950.